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    IRAN NAJO Company Profile

    Iran Najo, from 1982 to 2002, focused on manufacturing cosmetic and hygienic products. But since 2002 the company moved towards manufacturing pharmaceuticals besides the previous productions.

    In accordance with regulations and in order to observe and maintain the GMP requirements, a very efficient quality assurance system has been put into operation.

    In order to enhance customer benefits and satisfaction, Iran Najo has established a pharmacovigilance department to detect and assess the adverse side effects of medicines.

    The company has three QC and six IPQC Labs covering and managed by ISO 9001/2015 standard systems.

    Concerning the environmental safety, the factory is equipped with an adequate sanitation system.

    In the direction of WHO and MOH regulations, Iran Najo endeavors to put GMP, GLP and GSP systems in place and is equipped with an accredited laboratory.



    Head Office Address: No. 153, West Hoveizeh St. , Sabounchi (Mahnaz) St. , Dr. Beheshti (Abbas Abad) Ave. , Tehran, Iran

    Postal Code: 1533716711 

    PO Box: 15115-118

    Tel: 88747363-6

    Fax: 88740644




    Factory Address: Rana St. , Safadasht, Shahriyar, Tehran, Iran

    Tel: 65432812-14

    Fax: 65434114